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The management of a construction company’s tools and equipment is crucial to its success.
This system is designed for the construction industry to assist the plant division of hiring equipment to sites.
It also controls the usage of equipment's and the servicing costs, determining the profitability of an item.
You will be able to keep a complete register of all your equipment and know at all times where it is and its status.

Equipment register list

With the Equipment Register List you can view your Complete Equipment list organized by Groups and Categories.
You can then by selecting an item, view the status of the item as well as other relevant details.


Item Maintenance

The Item maintenance allows you to view the current status of an item as well as update or add new details to the item.
You have the ability to maintain multiple pricing rules for each item.
Example: internal rate is R150.00 per day and to an external site R240.00 per day plus an additional R20.00 per hour.   


Usage tracking

You can track the usage for all items between selected periods.
The usage can be tracked either by kilometres or hours.
The system will then use this information to charge the site/client for the usage of the item. 


Invoice Run

The invoice run generates monthly invoices for the renting/sales of equipment to sites.
There are two types of invoices generated, an internal and an external invoice.
The internal invoice raises a cost against the project using the equipment and generates revenue against the yard.The external invoice creates a VAT invoice for the external client and raises a revenue entry for the Plant Division. 



All the reports can be exported to PDF or e-mailed directly to clients/sites.
Reports include item history, where the user can track the use of equipment.
Profit/Loss reports can assist management with keep/sell decisions regarding the machine.
A history of all the batches is available at any time.


Grid functionality

You can modify by re-arranging columns, change width of the grid in any way you see fit.
You can group by certain columns, filter for certain data, remove columns and add columns.
You can also export the grid data.

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