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EJMPay is a powerful flexible system designed for the unique requirements of the construction industry.

Labour is a major cost component and in an increasingly stringent regulatory environment, it must be properly managed if you are to stay competitive and compliant.

User rights and security
User rights are granted based on the user’s tasks, responsibilities and the right of access to a particular payroll.
The system will automatically make backups before closing a run or doing a year-end.

Setting up the payroll
When starting a new payroll, you choose the appropriate template (e.g. an industrial council). The functions associated with the chosen template will then be automatically created.

However, as each company and payroll has unique requirements; one can further customize the payroll. This is easily done with EJMPay’s flexible parameter driven system.

You can set up complex functions for earnings, deductions and company provisions. This is over and above the pre-set functions to handle all tax and other statutory requirements, long term loans with compound interest, youth tax incentive scheme etc.

Posting units, costing and integration to the Accounting system
Costing, if required, can be done to five levels (project, cost centre and a three-tier resource code).

You can enter and allocate units according to the level of job costing required, function input at run-time and then calculate – the payslip will immediately be available but the calculation can be undone, adjusted and recalculated.

Alternatively, payment units can be imported from clocking system files or Excel.

There are extensive job costing reports available that can be filtered, exported to Excel and sorted

Current and previous costing transactions are kept for further analysis. Allocations are kept for filtering and reporting.

On posting to the EJM Accounting system, the cost and general ledgers will be updated.

Once in the Accounting system, the full functionality of extensive costing and accounting reporting comes to the fore.

Tax Compliant
EJMPay is tax compliant for all Southern African countries. It calculates tax correctly and produces relevant tax reports. Regular updates ensure that you have the latest and that you are up to date with tax requirements. Our friendly support staff helps putting the easy back into EasyFile It provides statutory reports such as PAYE, BEE, Youth Employment Tax Incentive, UIF, Workman’s Compensation and Industrial Council reports.

Additional information fields for employees
These fields can store additional info about employees, for example shoe and overall sizes for ordering site clothing or even dietary requirements for the annual Christmas party. This is an extremely helpful feature together with the Report writer which allows you to have information at your finger tips.

Standard reports and the Report Writer
EJMPay have over 60 reports. This covers various payslip options, statutory reports, payment reports, HR reports etc. Sometimes you need a report uniquely for your company or situation. With the Report Writer, you can design your own reports by picking fields from the underlying tables
All reports can be exported to PDF and emailed or exported to excel for further analysis.
All reports can be exported to Excel.

Leave calculation
EJM manages the leave taken by employees. The default allocation is the minimum required by the Basic conditions of Employment Act but it can be changed to reflect what has been negotiated or according to Company policy.

Payment options
EJMPay creates an export file, which you can import into your internet banking. In EJMPay you also have the option of paying employees by cheque. The program has the functionality of printing cheques. Employees can also be paid by cash, with a coinage option. By using coinage you specify the smallest coin and biggest note to use.

HR reporting
There are extensive HR reports, helping you to fulfil your statutory requirements in this respect.
Accident and incident reporting: Register  the accident with facilities for attaching photographs, police and other reports. The comprehensive accident reporting system will assist you to analyse accidents and assist you to prevent similar mishaps in future.

Training & Planning
Keeping track of courses employees need to attend, and who should attend them.

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