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Emwin has been delivering integrated software for the construction industry since 1982.
Read more about the  history of our company.

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Trencon was the first client on the new applications.
Here we are celebrating the first year  of them using the new EJM applications

Gold Frame Construction Enquiry

30 years in the business.

Gold Frame New Logo & New Line Maroon Frame Gauteng Offices

Northbound Financial and Emwin forms a partnership. Wayne Tinley, the owner of Northbound, is a CA (SA) with experience in the construction industry.  

Maroon Frame Trencon EJM

Construction Enquiry joins our ranks as an agent in Durban, selling and supporting our software

Maroon Frame EJM 30 Years

A new logo was launched to celebrate the new line of applications - The logo is based on the signature of Prof Ernst Marais the father of the founder.

He was a founder member of the  Council for Scientific and Industrial Research where he became a Vice-President.

He was the first Chairman of the Management Committee of the Hoërskool Menlopark and the first Rector of the
 University of Port Elizabeth (a.k.a. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

With the logo, we aspire to the high levels of integrity and innovation that was the hallmark of his life.

The new line of SQL-based programs is launched. This caters for the need for huge systems in a decentralized web environment. This new line is known as EJM SQL.

 Moved into our new offices in Gauteng  

Gold Frame EJM MS Dos

Windows as operating system gains credibility. Ernst rewrote the programs using MSAccess. EMCount was followed a year later by EMPay and EMProject.

Gold Frame Rob Salzer

First Company in South Africa to have Vista certification for their applications.

EMWIN Kaap was launched, with Reshenda Piedt as managing partner.

Gold Frame Construction Vehicles

Ernst identifies a gap in the market for cost management software. Ernst Marais & Associates was born. The first applications were written in MSBasic on the operating system CPM.

Rob Salzer joined HKC Systems in 1982 and later became the sales director. In November 2000, after the demise of HKC, Rob approached Ernst Marais to join forces. As a result of this the company was renamed EMWIN Systems and Rob took over the role of Sales and Marketing Director. He grew the userbase substantially and contributed immensely to EMWIN Systems. Rob passed away on 30 November 2008 after a long illness. He is sorely missed by his family, friends and colleagues.  

MS-DOS is launched. This became the mainstream operating system during the 80’s. The programs were rewritten to cater for this. This line was known as EMSYS.   

Red Frame EJM 1995 Maroon Frame Windows Vista Maroon Frame Reshenda Piedt managing partner

Wikus Hattingh joins the Company as a programmer.

He is thrown in the deep end and develops Emtec, our Tool & Equipment management system.

Maroon Frame EM EJM

Ernst Marais, founder of the Company, starts his working career at the consulting engineering firm, Fick & Hollenbach.

After gaining the prerequisite experience in consulting engineering and construction, he registers as a Professional Engineer.

He completes an MBL and during his time as site agent for Kruger Konstruksie and later at Savage & Lovemore, learns the importance of proper cost control in construction.  

Gold Frame The Beginning

Into The Future With a Dedicated Team!


2015 - Still Going  


2014 - Moved


2008 - New Line & New Logo



1995 - MS Access 95


1982 - Gap in Market


1984 - MS Dos

2000 - Rob Salzer joined

2002 - EMWIN Kaap


2005 - Emtec

1972 - The Beginning

2007 - Vista Certified

2013 - Partner

2009 - EJM Applications


2011 - Durban

2012 - 30Years